My life my odyssey

Book release

Finaste PANOS Emporio släpper sin bok och stockholms finaste mingel med extra allt klart man är på plats på Nobis Hotel när boken släpps och få den signerad av Baddräks kungen.  Tack Erwik communication för ännu ett lyckat event????????????

This is a rags-to-riches story about a man who came from a Greek village, born to a father with three years’ schooling and an illiterate mother, whose down-to-earth Greek values formed the foundation of an entrepreneur who went on to build a multi-million-dollar fashion empire. Today, Panos Emporio is one of the most established luxury swimwear brands in the world, being the choice of celebrities and royal families amongst others. Panos Papadopoulos created this empire in his new country of Sweden in record time, introducing the winning combination of innovative design, skillful entrepreneurship and ground-breaking marketing, which elevated the brand to its world-leading position. Panos’ life as an entrepreneur is a tale of passion and total commitment. In telling his story, he also provides success lessons and valuable advice to other entrepreneurs, that can be applied to sectors beyond fashion. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Panos book release “My life my odyssey” at NOBIS HOTEL Stockholm Sweden.

Missa inte att läsa boken.

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